Turn Key Solution (EPC)


Doing all Engineering, Procurement and Construction activities in a project has attributed in “EPC”. But there is a different philosophy to do EPC jobs in a Pharmaceutical Facility Design and Construction which lead to use Turn Key word to determine all aspects regarding a pharmaceutical job.

In case of a Turn Key job, Lirok will provide all required activates as a full package of:

  • Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Procurement
  • Construction
  • Validation


The advantages of a Turn Key solution to executing a Pharmaceutical project are that the owner has only one firm to deal with. Coordinating between design, procurement, construction and all other activities falls under Lirok point of authority.When Lirok people support all activities in different parts of a project as described before so they are absolutely familiar with the design approach, the management philosophy, scheduling of project, procurement approaches, construction activities and Validation issues which is a great opportunity for the owners to put all responsibilities on the shoulder of a expert team.

Lirok services in Turn Key solution is again emphasizes the single point of responsibility for the design and construction of facility. The development of basic and detailed design drawings and specifications, the procurement of equipment and materials, the construction of the building, the installation and testing the systems, and, in some cases the execution of some or all of the validation would be the contractual responsibility of Lirok.

This solution has founded favor with many Lirok clients that are taking a “fast track” approach to their project execution.

The philosophy being one of design and construction occurring concurrently instead of sequentially in more traditional design-bid-build approach would be foundation a Turn Key job.

Lirok also has the ability to perform some or all of actual activities within Turn Key job through his own craft labor force. By doing so Lirok saves time in design, procurement, construction and installation activities even validation aspects due to elimination of bid cycles for the majority of the activities.